April Fool’s

I hope not. But if so, somebody should make it a reality anyways!

The Lancaster JetHawks will be serving sweet “po-tater tots” along with a side of syrup this season.


7 for 15 ain’t bad

At least if you are at the plate… In that case it is pretty impressive! Of course that is pretty atrocious for fielding…

I’m not certain where it stands in this sense, though.

Budget Travel came out with a list of 15 must see place for those under 15 with Fenway Park making the cut. If I were to include only one stadium for a run of the mill kid to go to, I’m not sure it would be Fenway. It is an amazing stadium to any fan just for the history behind it(or Wrigley for that mater), but if I’m just taking a kid to their first game I’d sooner go to a place like AT&T Park right along the water and filled with modern conveniences, or Camden Yards for an old school feel but still of modern design. 

Play Ball!

Just over a week away until MLB Opening Day
Sadly, I was informed “First pitch at 1:05p” doesn’t constitute reason enough for an early release
Yet another example of how ballplayers have got it good, when do you ever hear the ump yell “WORK BALL!”?

4th July Roadtrip

Came across this while doing some research for my summer road trip.
Though perhaps a Doubleday Doubleheader promotion would be better alliteration, hard to beat a bobblehead giveaway. Not to mention “period” jerseys to be worn by both teams in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Washington Nationals playing (and losing 41-13 to) a team of soldiers from the 71st New York Regiment.
Tempting… tempting…